Chicken Satay

Easily the most delicious appetizer of Thai cuisine, so much so, I’d rather eat chicken satay as a main course. It’s fun, it’s vibrant, and it’s a great communal dish to enjoy with friends and family. Then again, anything served on a stick is just better. Chicken satay is one of those dishes with a … Continue reading Chicken Satay

Blue Burger with a Parmesan Oregano Bun

If anybody remembers my grilled blue cheese pizza, then this burger may sound familiar. I've had such rave reviews of the pizza that I thought I would adapt those pizza toppings to a burger. And I gotta say, I think the burger is better. Quite simply, I took a 100% all-beef patty, seasoned with veal … Continue reading Blue Burger with a Parmesan Oregano Bun

I Grill …Therefore I Am

Beer Braised Baby Back Ribs As a Canadian, I am no stranger to grilling in all weather, ideal or less than ideal. In the rain, we use umbrellas, in the snow we use shovels, and in the hot summer sun we use cold beer. The only weather that stops Canadians from grilling all year round … Continue reading I Grill …Therefore I Am