Beans Beans the Musical Fruit

Baked Beans: Classic Tomato and Smokey Maple There's a simplicity to homemade baked beans that make them very comforting. Whether it's alongside a classic English breakfast, or as a main course with an unlimited supply of freshly baked bread, baked beans is a humble dish that is both soothing and nourishing. To the average person, … Continue reading Beans Beans the Musical Fruit

One Potato, Two Potato Rösti

Potato Rösti The humble potato is likely the most versatile food item on the planet. Most of the time potatoes play their part as a supporting actor alongside most proteins, be it a burger and fries, bangers and mash, ham and scalloped potatoes. Or even a side dish all its own, such as a potato … Continue reading One Potato, Two Potato Rösti

Lewd Food Pizza Burger

The Pizza Burger If it looks like an ordinary burger... look again. For those of you who read about food on the internet or use Instagram, I'm sure you're familiar with the term Foodporn. Porn is used here as a word to illicit provocation, something sinful or taboo. It's become a term of mainstream foodie … Continue reading Lewd Food Pizza Burger

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Pizza My idea of home-made pizza isn't exactly a wonky, clumsy simple rectangle pie, heaping carelessly with random ingredients you find in the fridge. No, homemade pizza to me is a carefully crafted, well-executed endeavor that requires time and a lot of attention. It's not difficult, but it's not as easy as opening a bag … Continue reading When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Somewhere In My Memory

Sausage Rolls Here's another Christmas treat I would always look forward to every Christmas Eve growing up. Though not so common in Canada generally, my family really celebrated our British and Scottish heritages. I used to spend most Christmases at my grandparents where we would feast on glazed ham and many accompanying casseroles and side … Continue reading Somewhere In My Memory

Et Tu Brute? The Betrayal of a Salad

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Just to make one thing clear,  Caesar salad has nothing to do with Julius Caesar, but everything to do with feeding an insatiable hunger. In North America, Caesar salad is commonly served with Italian food, and throughout the world it's considered American food. However, Caesar salad originated in Mexico, invented by … Continue reading Et Tu Brute? The Betrayal of a Salad

Not Just Any Burger and Fries

Classic Burger Whether I'm stranded on a desert island, or requesting my last meal on death row --whatever the hypothetical, a burger and fries is always my answer. Sure, it's overrated. Sure, it may not be considered super food, but this is what food fantasies are made of. Yes, this American icon tops my list … Continue reading Not Just Any Burger and Fries