Chicken Satay

Easily the most delicious appetizer of Thai cuisine, so much so, I’d rather eat chicken satay as a main course. It’s fun, it’s vibrant, and it’s a great communal dish to enjoy with friends and family. Then again, anything served on a stick is just better. Chicken satay is one of those dishes with a … Continue reading Chicken Satay


Sushi is as much intimidating to eat for some as it is to make for others. Fortunately, for those who love to eat this beautiful Japanese dish, making it isn’t all that difficult. First off, clarifying the term sushi can be helpful. When most Westerners refer to sushi, they’re actually grouping three main types together: … Continue reading Sushi

Noodle Nirvana: Pad Thai

There is something so intoxicating about Pad Thai. The perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. The aromas of fresh herbs and veggies juxtaposed against the pungent odors of fermented sauces. Or that droplet of perspiration that tickles the brow before it tumbles down your pulsating jaw as you chew. Ah yes, Pad Thai … Continue reading Noodle Nirvana: Pad Thai

Using Your Noodle

Cold Ramen Salad & Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Anybody who has ever had a great bowl of ramen knows how addictive it can be. In most of the western world ramen is nothing more than cheap dry noodles and a packet of sodium rich flavoring. Nowhere in the vicinity of true Japanese ramen. So for anyone … Continue reading Using Your Noodle

Big In Japan

Ramen Noodles & Teriyaki What started as a culinary curiosity, grew into an unstoppable obsession. Nearly a year ago I set out to make my own ramen noodles from scratch, but little did I know, after producing an upwards of a hundred bowls of mush, making Asian noodles took a fair amount of practice and … Continue reading Big In Japan

Belly Of the Beast

Asian Pork Belly In my humble opinion, any western version of Chinese food falls directly into the category of comfort food. Characterized as sweet, sour, salty, and occasionally spicy, commonly stir-fried or deep fried. It really is the epitome of comfort. And this marinaded-braised-grilled pork belly is no exception. I'm not going to lie, this … Continue reading Belly Of the Beast

Of Rice and Men

Chinese Fried Rice Fried rice is one of those dishes that work well as a side dish or an entire meal on its own. Though most commonly associated with Chinese food, it can accompany many other flavor profiles just as well. Personally, I love Chinese food, or at least as I know it, which is … Continue reading Of Rice and Men

One Night In Bangkok

Crispy Prawn Springrolls & Coconut Chicken Soup This is another favorite of mine that really warms the soul, and on these cold November nights whisks me away to the tropical destinations of Southeast Asia. I wanted to share two recipes in one for this post because coconut soup and springrolls is, to me, the equivalent … Continue reading One Night In Bangkok