An Apple a Day …With Caramel and Ice Cream

Autumn has officially arrived and what better way to embrace this colorful equinox than snuggling up with a warm piece of apple crisp. I'm not a big fan of the cold, but this is my favorite time of year to eat and cook. I'm sure the eating comes from an ancient physiological response to pack … Continue reading An Apple a Day …With Caramel and Ice Cream

National Cherry Pie Day

Cherry Pie If my memory serves me correctly, the year was 1988 and a twelve year old girl requested her favorite dessert for her birthday. That beloved dessert was cherry pie. And that young girl was my big sister. Not only did she wish for that pie over a traditional birthday cake, she wished that … Continue reading National Cherry Pie Day

Puff The Magic Danish

Puff Pastry Of all the breads and pastries, it is puff pastry I find most intimidating. It's really not as difficult as some people say it is or tend to think, but it does require practice, patience, and strong arms. A cool kitchen to work in also helps. There are two main types of puff … Continue reading Puff The Magic Danish

All I Want For Christmas

Maple Pecan Tarts These little guys are a variation of butter tarts, butter pecan tarts, and egg tarts, and they pack a sugary punch. In my home, growing up, my mother always made egg tarts at Christmas. Nobody loved them quite as much as my father. I remember one year my mother pretended she hadn't … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas

Christmas Ain’t Christmas

Mushroom Turnovers If there is one recurring food item on my list of Christmas favorites, it is most definitely the mushroom turnover. There are certainly foods I remember loving as a child, and still love today, but nothing I deem more of a Christmas requisite than mushroom turnovers. For those of you that have read … Continue reading Christmas Ain’t Christmas

Simple Simon’s Keylime Pie

Keylime Pie Tartlette with Mango Sorbet & Salty Coconut Caramel Every so often my wife brings a friend home from work for dinner. She asks if I'll cook and tells me not to go overboard. "Keep it simple," she says. Fair enough. But anybody who knows me, my wife included, knows I don't just throw … Continue reading Simple Simon’s Keylime Pie