Santa’s Little Helper

World’s Largest Crunchie Bar (Photo Gallery)


Today I thought it’d be nice to try out a recipe I’ve seen pop up these last few weeks for sponge toffee or honeycomb. As I kid, I loved the Cadbury Crunchie Bar. So my son, Benjamin, and I went straight to work on building a treat that would rot our teeth.

santahelper1Here’s Benjamin sampling the sponge toffee. Quality assurance.

santahelper2He wasn’t too interested in the Santa cap.


santahelper4Time to make the chocolate, though I think he ate more than what he put on the bar.


santahelper6The final product. One massive Crunchie bar.

santahelper9There was only one way into that bar …BREAK IT!

santahelper5…And he’s still eating it.

Like father, like son. I’m happy to have shared something with Benjamin we can’t find in any stores around here. Making it with him made it all the better …and sweeter.

santahelper8Perhaps a new Christmas tradition was born today! Happy Christmas!

8 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper

  1. Happy Crunchie Christmas ! . Your son is adorable, hope you keep the photo of him with chocolate around his mouth for when he’s 18 ,then you can blow it up to poster size for his party !!.
    Love your recipes and blog. All the best for 2015……….Mags

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